Tree Removal

Special precautions need to be taken when removing trees small or large.  We are well equipped with all the proper equipment, safety gear and have the knowledge, training and experience to safely and professionally complete a tree removal project of any size. In most cases, getting a tree down requires more than just a saw and can be very dangerous for those who are not properly trained. Large trees over houses, powerlines, road ways and in tight quarters may require technical planning and rigging operations or use of specialized equipment to safely remove the tree with out damage to the surrounding property and landscape.

 Reasons for Removing a Tree:

  • The tree is dying, dead or diseased
  • The tree is structurally unstable
  • Construction projects such as a new home, addition, or pool
  • It is posing a threat to your or your home
  • Blocking sun light for other trees or shrubs to grow
  • Conflicting with an electrical utility
  • To be replaced with a more suitable species

Whether your tree needs to be climbed, requires a bucket truck, spider lift or a crane, you can trust the experienced, trained and reputable team of Certified Arborists at Tri-County Tree Service to safely and professionally remove your tree.

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