Like a Doctor with the human body, tree care is much the same. Proper tree pruning requires a vast knowledge of trees, proper skills and techniques in order to achieve long lasting healthy trees. We understand that trees are an investment to you and your property. At Tri-County Tree Service our team of Certified Arborists are trained in all aspects of tree pruning. We will choose the appropriate pruning method for your tree(s) based on our assessment and your goals.

Reasons for Pruning:

  • Reduce the risk of tree or limb failure
  • Provide clearance for powerlines, driveways, houses, street etc
  • Reduce shade and wind resistance
  • Maintain health
  • Enhance flower or fruit production
  • Improve a view
  • Improve aesthetics

Topping, over pruning, improper cuts and the use of the wrong equipment can have serious negative impacts and greatly reduce the life span of your tree(s) and increase future maintenance costs. At Tri-County Tree service we work within the most current pruning standards which will help your trees thrive. Call us at (519) 318-2855 today for a quote from one of our Certified Arborists.