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Expert Tree Service Consultation

If you think its time for your trees to get some attention but you are unsure of what you need, contact Tri-County Tree Service today at 519-318-2855 for a consultation with a certified arborist. A thorough inspection of your property with an arborist could save you a lot of money.  It's a worthwhile preventative measure that can help to improve the health and extend the life of your trees, avoid damage to structures or hazards to people on your property, and prevent the spread of tree infection.  Expert recommendations based on up-to-date science and current industry standards are part of every Tri-County consultation visit.

If a construction project is taking place in proximity to trees on your property, a consultation can also assist in the development of a pre-construction tree plan and with a clearly identified tree protection zone. Heavy equipment traveling over root zones can compact the soil and minimize pore space, which can cause the health of your trees to decline. Digging too close to trees can also be very harmful to root systems.  Most construction damage to trees is irreversible.  So, if you care about your trees, contact us today for an onsite consultation from one of our certified arborists.